@HollandUSBridge begeleidt Nederlandse Life Sciences bedrijven bij de overstap naar Amerika. Wil jij de Amerikaanse markt verkennen? Je kunt jouw bedrijf t/m 5 nov aanmelden voor het masterclass traject. Meer weten?

#LSH010 #HollandUSBridge #business

A message from Steve Gullans: “The things that you learn are those things that people don’t generally tell you when you read a book. It’s what a venture capitalist or strategic partner wants to hear. So I would encourage you to get involved and I look forward to meeting you!”

Executive Director Jasper Evers shared with @LSH010Rotterdam how the HUB is giving promising Dutch life sciences companies the same opportunities as US companies to become a global success. #lsh010 #ondernemen010 #lifescienceandhealth010 @rotterdam

Ellen Perik of the City of @rotterdam, one of the founding partners of Holland US Bridge, shares why it is important to give promising LS&H companies the possibility to prepare themselves for international expansion. #lsh010 #ondernemen010 #medtech

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