What to expect

As a selected HUB Participant we match you with experienced industry leaders to receive high-level strategic advice and provide hands-on support with your operations in the US.

The program is an intense, highly customized one-year program that consists of three phases. Within the program the work packages and milestones are defined individually.


2 months of doing US market research defining the work packages and milestones.


5 months of preparation for successful execution.


5 months execution phase in The U.S meeting customers, investors and building the team.

Who can apply

All Dutch life sciences startups and emerging companies that are no older than 10 years can apply. Successful applicants have a strong technology and a valid business case as well as the drive and sense of urgency to succeed in the most dynamic life sciences hub in the world.


Next to the HUB Program a series of masterclasses is organized for companies that are interested to learn more about what it takes to cross the bridge to the US. The masterclasses help the selected HUB Promising life Science Company (HPLSC)  with a solid strategic base for international expansion.


HUB alumni